Ndege School, The Kilgioris Project
Our friends at the Ndege School, Kenya. The Kilgioris Project

This was a really nice opportunity for us to learn about visual story telling and to learn from such a professional and easy to understand manner. I personally learnt that photographs put together can be quite an engaging and powerful way of telling stories. This was a great time of learning. I wish we had more days to learn. The workshop ended too soon 🙂

The resource persons and the organizers did a great job at conducting this event! God bless them.  – Josh Pandey

I am so thankful for the opportunity that has been given. Through this seminar my knowledge was improved of how taking photo and videos and make story better through video and photo. Because I need it for NGO where I am working with. Thank you so much for Matt, Nate, and Miguel.- Saut Gultom


This has really, really helped me to improve my photo and video taking and editing. But I think the time to learn in 4 days are not enough… hehe. I still have to learn more after this workshop.
Keep going to help NGOs to promote their organization. Because it’s really helpful. This has helped us to promote our NGO. This has been one of my best experience – with On Field Media Project and the other participants.
Thanks Matt, Nate, and Miguel. – Tya Septiani

This training emphasis more on the “telling of a story” and not on the high tech camera. But after OMFP drilled me, gave me/us the rules and the principles in order produce picture/videos that tell a story and that touch and move people. The topic on multimedia gave me a positive outlook. Afterwards, this training gave me the feel of a professional even though I’m still a beginner. The training helped us also remember one the most important people are our patrons and donors.- Nelson Liberato

OFMP is a great program for people at any level. In the week I attended there were people not familiar with cameras, professional photographers as well as the current generation of Instagrammers and we all received very applicable instruction that was engaging as well as pertinent to our jobs, tools, and passions. -Mason Butts

Thank you Matt, Miguel, and Nate for teaching us so clearly. It’s really enjoyable. For me, it was a really helpful and encouraging time. Hope what you taught me/us, can be practiced here.
You are communicative and patient trainers. It makes me understand how important media is, how to take good and meaningful pictures and videos like what you taught us. Thank you for teaching us… seriously… we can feel and see that clearly. -Saskya Veronika Cleopatra


This training is very helpful, informative, interesting and timely for us. OFMP guys know what they are talking about. It’s good to hear from professionals that I don’t have to have a fancy camera to take a good photo/video. My favorite part is the practicum…to actually doing it. Learned a lot.

They did actually sit down with us just to teach us what we need to do step by step. Hannah

Meeting tutors like Matt, Nate and Miguel with the OFMP training has been such a wonderful blessing for me. Really grateful for the chance learning all the multimedia skills that we need to make and tell our stories; such as making good photographs, shooting-making video, managing our social media, and getting new internet stuffs that we need. The trainings are absolutely helpful, got new friendly brothers and sisters and meet new great tutors… Hope that many more NGOs can be equipped by OFMP team ^_^ thank you so much – Apnie Tons

As a photographer and employee of a non-profit organization, this is exactly the kind of workshop I’ve been searching for! This is so impacting and will change the ways I tell stories and capture photographs in the future! Thank you! -Danielle Valimont

This was my 1st time in OFMP, I have learned everything new, new techniques, new ideas also. it was really helpful. You all are doing great job. Keep helping. -Kartick Ghosh

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