Our Mission

On Field Media Project (OFMP) is a field-based initiative that assists organizations and businesses by teaching effective storytelling techniques that will communicate their mission, to the world.

Whether NGOs or social enterprises, OFMP helps these agents of change sustain their impact in their local communities by improving their ability to communicate with their donors, constituents, and customers. OFMP teaches these groups to develop their own multimedia collateral and social media presence.

On Field Media Project partners by:

  • Identifying and fostering relationships with local organizations and businesses already serving the social sector
  • Organizing regionally-based, international conferences and workshops on photography, videography and social media using appropriate technology
  • Hosting tailored trainings for individual organizations
  • Instituting post-conference mentorship programs designed to track their improvement

With staff already based in Southeast Asia, the On Field Media Project is uniquely positioned to work cross-culturally throughout the world.

Our Vision Statement

Helping organizations tell their stories.

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