The mentorship program is designed to be a one-year partnership with students who have previously attended the training workshop. The time commitment expected is 3 hours, once a month. During each monthly “class”, we will review assignments from the previous session and go over the current topic. Afterwards, a new assignment will be given. We will do our best to critique past assignments, as well as go over the new material and still leave enough time for fieldwork.

  • Photography Component

You will be expected to work on your photography beyond the three hours of each session. These sessions will cover the basics as well as intermediate and advanced level material. The goal by the end of mentorship is for you to put together a top quality portfolio of work. Applying yourself to the photographic principles I (Matt) will be teaching will guarantee tremendous growth in your skills and abilities in photography.
Topics to cover include: post-processing, knowing your lenses, compositional techniques, using light, flash, and filters, street photography, landscape photography, and the photo essay.
Whereas this is the agreed upon content, it does not mean that other topics or the order in which we cover them is not subject to change. If you feel the need to spend more time on any given lesson, that is up to you, and that can certainly be accommodated.
We will try to set up dates for each meeting that will be convenient for both of us.

  • Video Component

Video will continue similar principles of composition, lighting, and photo essay learned in the photography component. These principles will be adapted to video workflow and combined with other video-only principles. Some of these include camera settings, stabilization, video lighting, audio, and post production.

  • Social Media Component

Utilizing the appropriate social media platforms alongside the task of creating compelling photo or video content will be another expectation during this mentorship term.
Goals in the social media track include crafting and communicating your mission and vision, culling the appropriate social media platforms to use, curating the content you share using social media, and lastly, creating a social media system to manage all the moving parts.
The key emphasis for all mentorship participants is for you to create and share content that is relevant, engaging, and timely. Having a firm grasp on the benefits (and consequences) of what using social media tools has to offer can greatly affect how well (and how often) your supporters respond to your story.

If you have attended a training workshop and are interested in mentorship, please email with the location and date of your training workshop and what your goals are.

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